Out Bound Area

For the more adventurous souls, the outbound area available in Papyrus Tropical Hotel Resort Bogor can become a playing field for all sorts of fun outbound activities. Enjoy various fun outbound games, play with your families, friends, or plan up day of outbound activities to strengthen the bond between many work colleagues: the opportunities are endless. And whenever you need rest from your Outbound activities, rest assured that our great Hotel rooms are always waiting for you to enjoy.

Badminton Area

Join in the Badminton area available in Papyrus Tropical Hotel Resort Bogor and play a game of Indonesia’s favorite sport with your friends and families to cheer up your day! Pick up a racquet, prepare your badminton shuttlecock, prepare your shoes, and gear up in your favorite badminton shirt (or you can just wear your everyday clothing, no one would judge!) and play a fun badminton game here with your friends or families, whenever you want to play! Come in and enjoy the fun game together now!

Mini Football

Gather your friends or families around and enjoy a fun time together playing fun healthy activities in the mini football facility available in Papyrus Tropical Hotel Resort Bogor. Enjoy a friendly (or competitive!) play of mini football with your friends or families—or perhaps even with other fellow Hotel guests! (which is always a great way to make new friends!) No matter what kind of day you are having, playing a game of fun football can cheer even the most tired of mind, so start kicking now!

Outdoor Swimming Pool

Are you looking for a great way to refresh yourself either at the beginning or the end of a busy day in Bogor? Then the outdoor swimming pool available in Papyrus Tropical Hotel Resort Bogor is always a great choice. Come in for a refreshing dip or take your time to enjoy a pleasant swim to your heart content: no matter what kind of activities you are trying to do in our beautifully designed swimming pool, you are guaranteed to have a rejuvenating and refreshingly great time enjoying them.